Send And A Shot

Croquet along the Potomac in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Maybe one day we'll actually get our rules written up, but until that day it won't stop us from arguing about them!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Practice For Friday

Today marks the end of our yearlong croquet hiatus. It was our practice game for the Friday tournament. We have a new set that seemed to work out really great. Those lawyers better watch out, cuz netsmartz is hot!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lets beat on some lawyers.

Hey Netsmartz, Weve been challenged by a bunch of namby-pamby lawyers to a croquet tournament. They think they have the skillz to beat us. We play in the heat, play in the snow, we play at night, we even play in the office. They have no chance. Lets get together and practice some American "six wicket" croquet (or whatever). Roarke we need the set and and my mallet is in your car. If I remember correctly we are missing a turning post or something. Dave, lets get on making a new ranking chart. Everyone hands in...go team.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Rule Proposal

For the Spring 2008 Season, we have a rule changes that we will need to have a official vote on:

Rule Change 1
Shots cannot be collected. Stiking an opponents ball means that you have 2 shots, not 2 more shots. If a player hits an opponent, takes the mallet head, then strikes another opponent, the player only has 2 shots. Under the old rules the player would have 3.

Rule Change 2
When poison is struck, the striking player only gets 1 shot - not the normal 2.

The polls are open to the left, please vote!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

What a woeful scorekeeper I am.

Until I get the response videos from the LAST THREE GAMES edited up, please take solace in that I have finally gotten the box scores from those games up. Scores are up to date.

The decimal values in the wickets column results from the heart-shaped course laid out for the V-Day game. In order to not unfairy affect wicket averages, they are brought into ratio through the following formula. The result is rounded, using standard rules, to two decimal places.


That means that Dave who made 13 wickets in the 14 the wicket course has a wicket score (rounded to 2 decimal places) of 9.29.

Mano y Mano

Dave and Chris went head to head during an unscheduled croquet match. It was played near the flagpole at noon and was a grudgematch between Chris' newer, indestructible high density polyethylene croquet mallet head, and Dave's wood mallet head.